5 basic keys to step up your wardrobe for 2021.

Authored By Loren Hicks

5 basic keys to step up your wardrobe for 2021.  


Flatter your skin tone.


     This is an essential point no woman should overlook, ever. Perhaps you want to go out to dinner, a party, or a blind date, and are contemplating a particular dress. The primary goal is to ensure that the dresses you pick complement your skin tone, and this is essential for every clothing item you own. To choose the best garment for your complexion, consider the following:


  1. Fair skin tones - Deep brown, charcoal, deep green, burgundy, deep brown colored clothes. Stay away from colors close to your skin hue like beige, and soft pastels, yellow, or orange.
  1. Medium/neutral skin tones - This skin tone goes with clothes of any color, but light and deep colors look best. With that said, light brown, olive green, and yellow colored clothes are not your friends…trust me.

c)  Darker skin tones - Dark blue, dark green, pastel, muted colored clothes will look good with your skin color; however, steer clear of deep brown or off-black clothing.

·    Complement your unique curves, body lines and proportions.

     We all have different body lines, scales, and proportions. No matter your shape or size, it’s crucial to dress appropriately for your figure. Find a style which flatters your body lines perfectly. For instance, if your body shape is on the round side, slim-fitted clothes, belts, skirts above the knee, and gathered skirts won’t add to your look and should be avoided. Wear clothes that follow your body lines. If you have an hourglass figure, clothes that hide your natural shape do not belong in your closet. Dress in shaped and fitted lines. If your body shape is lean, you should find clothes designed to create an illusion of curves around your bust and hips, and resist buying tight-fitted clothes and shapeless jackets, as well as blouses and dresses with square necklines because although they might look pretty on a hanger, you’re better off without them. We’ll dive deeper into this later. 

·    Be appropriate.

   Always, always, always wear clothes that fit the particular event or occasion you are attending. You shouldn't appear overdressed while you are catching up over breakfast with old college friends, nor should you be underdressed while you are going to a premier party or a graduation ceremony. You wouldn’t wear business clothes (suits, corporate shirts) to a pool party or concert, and neither would you wear clothes meant for parties to the workplace (not unless you want to be written up by HR). Don’t dress sexy when you need to meet up with your boss; leave that for the hubby on date night.

·    Match your personal style.

     We all want to look like our favorite celebrity, thereby sometimes disregarding our own sense of style to adopt someone else’s. You’re better than that! To ensure you dress how you deserve, envision and then refine. Figure out your personal style. After you’ve got this down, keep it simple, yet polished. Do you like to be dressed simply, comfortable, casual style, sophisticated or boldly? You need to find your niche and exploit it.


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